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Web Design Packages That Work For Your Business

At Parramatta Web Design, we offer website and SEO packages that suit your business needs and budget.

Our difference

We offer friendly, personal service and custom websites that are designed to grow your business.

Our unique website strategy consultation gives in-depth insights into your business, goals, ideal customers, and the keywords we will build into the foundation of your website.

All our websites are custom built, mobile responsive WordPress websites. They are designed to showcase your business with a unique website design, high quality content and your ideal customers as the focus.

And the benefit to you? Business growth through a high quality website that ranks well and attracts your perfect clients to your business!

Website Design Packages

All website packages are tailored to meet your business goals.

Whether you are having a new website or need a website redesign, we can tailor a unique website package to promote your business perfectly.

Business Starter Website

A one page website, designed so it can grow into a larger site as your business grows

Stake your claim on your chosen domain name, and establish the foundations of a solid website that can grow with your business. This site is like a business card – it is designed to let people know your business exists. It also has the advantage of having a solid SEO base and is built on WordPress, so it can grow with your business..

Goal: To have your business featured in an affordable starter WordPress website that can grow as your business grows. With strong foundations, this will prove to be a valuable asset for your business as it grows over time.

Website Features:

  • 1 Page Website
  • 1 to 3 core business areas
  • Keyword Research
  • Quality Content
  • Quality Inclusions

Web Presence Website

Website Design to give your business a professional web presence

This high quality WordPress website design is built to give your business a professional website with strong SEO foundations. This site is relatively low maintenance, and has no blog, so doesn’t need to be updated regularly with fresh content. Depending on your niche, these sites may take some time to rank in the search results.

Goal: To have a home base you can send customers to for the information they need about your business. A well built website, serving your business and your customers proudly.

Website Features:

  • 3-6 Page Website
  • Up to 3 Core Business Areas highlighted
  • Keyword Research
  • Competition and Niche research, to ensure we reach your audience
  • High Quality Content, with good SEO foundations
  • Call To Actions
  • Quality Inclusions

Growth Website

Web design with growth in the search engines so new customers can find you.

Designed for businesses that need new customers to find them in the search engines, but don’t need fast growth. This package includes a website designed with gentle growth in mind – with well-researched keywords and focussed search engine optimisation. A blog allows you to update your content regularly. Depending on your niche, adding at least one new quality SEO-focussed article each month will keep your website  gently growing in the search rankings.

Goal: To grow your website in the search results, to attract a steady flow of new customers to your business.

Website Features:

  • 6-10 page website, including blog and customer reviews pages
  • 3 to 4 Core Business Areas highlighted
  • In Depth Keyword Research
  • Competition and Niche research, to ensure we reach your audience
  • High Quality Content, with SEO
  • Call To Actions
  • Quality Inclusions
  • Growth plan for continued website growth

Fast Growth Authority Website

Web design for businesses who want to dominate their niche

A large, authoritative website, built on strong website design, with keyword, competition and niche research. This package includes an active content plan to rapidly grow the website in the search engines and in authority. An active growth strategy allows you to target relevant market sectors with your website, and gain a strong foothold in the relevant search results.

Goal: To rank your website in a competitive niche, for highly sought after keywords, attracting lots of new customers for fast business growth.

Website Features:

  • 10-20+ page website, including blog with articles and testimonials
  • 3 to 6 core purpose areas highlighted
  • In depth Competition and Niche research, to ensure we reach your audience
  • High Quality Content with strong SEO
  • Site plan for Growth
  • Call To Actions
  • Quality Inclusions
  • Aggressive plan for fast website growth and ongoing SEO


Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Packages


Do you want to grow your business through your website?

Then you will need to plan for ongoing growth that will help you rank in the search engines for your main search terms.

Parramatta Web Design offers a variety of SEO services to grow your online website presence and search engine rankings.

Why is this important? Your customers are looking for you online, and how you set your website up, including the design, user experience, and the quality of the content you upload determines how well your website can be found by your customers … and of course, the more people who can find you, the more business growth you can expect!

Parramatta Web Design SEO Packages Include:

Full Website SEO Audit

Gives clear understanding of the current condition of the website and rankings before proceeding with ongoing SEO work.

Content Marketing

Regularly posting high quality, SEO-focussed content drives your website authority, visibility and sales.

Website SEO Cleanup

Take out all content that is negatively affecting your SEO, and replace it with good SEO to grow your page rankings and traffic.

Google My Business Setup

Google Business Listings give your business an edge in ranking high on page 1 in the Google search results.

On Page SEO Growth

A growth strategy to suit your business needs, including in-depth keyword research, targeted SEO content, and quality links.

Keyword Rankings Reporting

Keep an eye on your website’s SEO progresas with quality reporting on actions and keyword rankings.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is all about creating high quality local citations, with relevant touch points around the internet for your business.

Local Citations Cleanup

Many established businesses need your local business listings organised to enhance your SEO.


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